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Decommissioning Programme

CNR International has ceased production at the Banff and Kyle fields.

CNR International, on behalf of the Banff and Kyle co-venturers, and Teekay Petrojarl Floating Production UK Ltd. are required to submit a Decommissioning Programme to the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) for review.

In support of the proposed Phase 2 activities, CNR International and Teekay Petrojarl Floating Production UK Ltd. will carry out a Comparative Assessment, prepare Environmental Appraisals (EA) and will engage extensively with Stakeholders.

Relevant documentation and reports relating to these activities are accessible from the Documentation Library tab on this page.

Interested parties are welcome to make comments, post queries or provide feedback on the Banff / Kyle Decommissioning Programme using the Contact Us link.



Page updated 27-11-2020
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Reference material and supporting documents Decommissioning Programme Comparative Assessment Report Environmental Statement Stakeholder Consultation Report Independent Review Report